take pART 2016


It’s easy to forget how multi-purpose Venue Cymru is; a theatre, a concert arena, a restaurant. Yet last weekend it even surpassed its regular functions. From the foyer, through the hall, through the restaurant – passing rooms that are usually used as offices (probably) – right to the arena – there was something to do everywhere. It was impossible to not have something interesting to look at or, indeed, “take part” in.

It was aimed at the young ones, yes, but that doesn’t mean the adults were bored. In fact, it’s highly probable that most of the parents wanted to have a go. A string band was playing in the bar area – where very keen ten year olds could be seen having a go on the double-bass. Turn your head to the left and you’d see a kid trying her hand at cooking, hoping perhaps to be the next Nigella. And the smell was mouth-watering. The arena was filled with a variety of dancing, including a dangerously impressive wall dance – which entailed hanging in a harness and, with the aid of gravity, literally dancing on the wall.

Two of the biggest attractions were people from the popular video game Minecraft, and Aardman studios – of Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep fame. Importantly, there were those from the local area to prove that kids don’t have to go far once the event ended. Llandudno Library staff members were presenting their regular storytelling and craft sessions, and Tape Studios from Old Colwyn had something to offer the older ones. One can only hope this event will continue for years to come; every generation needs its creative sparks.