Measure for Measure – Review

Historically, productions of Measure for Measure have highlighted the corruptions of their time. Keith Hack’s 1974 production, for example, came out in the midst of Watergate and Vietnam – and it played on this. In taking on Shakespeare’s “problem play” in 2019, Director Gregory Doran has done something ingenious. Sleazy men in power are at… Continue reading Measure for Measure – Review

All My Sons – Live Broadcast Review

In his All My Sons review for The Guardian, Michael Billington compares Arthur Miller’s play to J. B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls. They’re both set around the same time, albeit on opposite sides of the Atlantic, and explore the consequences of putting family before community. After seeing the production in Billington’s review, which screened to… Continue reading All My Sons – Live Broadcast Review

As You Like it – Live Broadcast Review

  Kimberly Sykes’ interpretation of As You Like It – which was broadcast to cinemas nationwide last night – is first and foremost a crowd-pleaser. So much so that spectators get on stage, a half-eaten pancake flies into the auditorium, and the crowd frequently clap and cheer. It almost reaches pantomime-level ridiculousness, but never loses… Continue reading As You Like it – Live Broadcast Review

Awful Auntie: More Fart Jokes from David Walliams

  Walking out of Awful Auntie at Venue Cymru last week, I had the same mixed feelings as I did with Gangsta Granny last year. David Walliams’ books, as you’d expect from the Little Britain co-creator, contain an abundance of potty humour. And the stage productions, while deftly put together by the superb Birmingham Stage… Continue reading Awful Auntie: More Fart Jokes from David Walliams